Crime Victims Want New Prosecutor in Tippecanoe County as Thousands of Criminals Go Unpunished; Law Enforcement Relationship with Harrington “At All Time Low”

Murderers Walk Free Meme

The standing room only crowd took Earl McCoy by surprise.  Media announcements for public office don’t generally draw the large crowd that turned out for the Tippecanoe County Prosecutor candidate recently when McCoy formally threw his hat into the ring.  The sentiment in the room was obvious.  Patrick Harrington has failed miserably as the Tippecanoe County Prosecutor.

Several of the invited guests had never attended a political event before that night.  They were thankful that someone was finally giving them a voice.  Feeling betrayed by Harrington, crime victims were anxious to have their stories told.

The most notable victims in the room were family members of Christy Redmon, the local teacher who was allegedly murdered by Darius Printup.   Printup was acquitted of the murder in spite of the overwhelming evidence that pointed to his alleged guilt.  Many in the community were shocked by the verdict and blame Harrington’s legal incompetence for the failure.

Emotions were raw as McCoy declared that Harrington allowed the alleged killer to walk free because of  his inability to prosecute the heinous crime.  Jaws dropped when McCoy announced that an inexperienced deputy prosecutor with only three years’ experience was assigned the task of prosecuting Printup for the cold-blooded murder.

A Redmon family member shouted out in anguish as McCoy spoke.  “Three years!” he cried.

According to McCoy, Harrington has passed a majority of high profile murder cases on to  inexperienced deputy prosecutors.  McCoy believes that Harrington should have taken the lead prosecutorial role in the Redmon case as well as other high profile cases.  Instead, he said Harrington didn’t even show up to Printup’s murder trial.

“He not only lacks judgment, but he lacks the courage to take the lead when it is his duty to do so,” commented one observer.

McCoy had facts and figures to back up his claims and presented them on a large screen using PowerPoint.  There were audible gasps in the room when he revealed that 1,824 cases presented to the prosecutor’s office in 2017 were never filed.  McCoy pointed out that several people likely represent one case; therefore, it counts for thousands of people not receiving justice in our community.

“Police officers are risking their lives and our prosecutor decides not to file charges,” McCoy said.  “The relationship between our prosecutor’s office and the Law Enforcement Officers in the community is at an all time low.”

earl mccoy
Earl McCoy was asked to run for prosecutor by police officers

The mother of several alleged child sex victims broke down in tears as McCoy shared her tragic story that had been reported via the Lafayette Citizen Journal website.  McCoy had learned that Harrington had failed to file sex-related charges against the alleged perpetrator who is currently serving prison time.   The alleged offender had attempted to abduct her fifteen-year-old daughter and also had threatened to kill her.  The last thing the victim wanted was to expose her children to media attention, but after many attempts to reach out to Harrington were ignored, she felt she had no choice.  A few days after the story broke on the LCJ website, she finally received an intake interview from the prosecutor’s investigator.

“I’m 100% sure it had everything to do with the LCJ publicizing it and Earl McCoy talking about it,” commented the victim.

Harrington’s campaign manager lashed out in anger at an LCJ editor after the story appeared and claimed that Harrington had been working on the matter prior to the story being published.

The victim disagrees.  “They didn’t even begin an investigation until it was reported on, that I know for a fact,” she said.  “I’m glad they are moving forward now, but it shouldn’t have taken public pressure for my kids to receive a chance at justice.”

Several other victims were present as McCoy highlighted their particular stories.  He received a standing ovation and loud round of applause as he ended his presentation by saying, “I don’t know about you, but I’m outraged.”

Watch Earl McCoy’s video at this link:



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