Local High School Student Represents Students for Life of America at White House; Takes Part in Discussions


Calvin Held close up with Pences
Calvin is the smiling young man behind Mrs. Pence

Central Catholic High School Senior Calvin Held received the opportunity of a life time this week.  He was chosen by Vice President Mike Pence last week to attend a roundtable discussion at the White House in conjunction with the March for Life Rally that was scheduled for today.


Held was one of twelve students selected from around the country to represent Students for Life of America.  Calvin was also present for the historic address given by President Donald Trump to the pro-life rally from the White House Rose Garden.

Calvin’s parents, Jon and Kim Held, are looking forward to hearing about their son’s trip when he returns home.  His parents remarked that Calvin wore his GranStudent for Life Roundtable Pencedpa Held’s American tie, which was clearly visible on video footage.

“We are so proud of Calvin,” commented Jon.  Their daughter, Anna Allgaier, is also in Washington, D.C. representing Students for Life of America in a leadership role.


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