Local High School Student Represents Students for Life of America at White House; Takes Part in Discussions


Calvin Held close up with Pences
Calvin is the smiling young man behind Mrs. Pence

Central Catholic High School Senior Calvin Held received the opportunity of a life time this week.  He was chosen by Vice President Mike Pence last week to attend a roundtable discussion at the White House in conjunction with the March for Life Rally that was scheduled for today.


Held was one of twelve students selected from around the country to represent Students for Life of America.  Calvin was also present for the historic address given by President Donald Trump to the pro-life rally from the White House Rose Garden.

Calvin’s parents, Jon and Kim Held, are looking forward to hearing about their son’s trip when he returns home.  His parents remarked that Calvin wore his GranStudent for Life Roundtable Pencedpa Held’s American tie, which was clearly visible on video footage.

“We are so proud of Calvin,” commented Jon.  Their daughter, Anna Allgaier, is also in Washington, D.C. representing Students for Life of America in a leadership role.


Local Woman Says Tippecanoe County Prosecutor Pat Harrington Is Ignoring Child Rape Allegations While Victims Live in Fear for their Lives


Michael Cope
Michael Cope II was sentenced to prison for possessing a handgun while being a serious violent felon

Michael Cope II is currently serving prison time at the Westville Correctional Facility with an estimated release date of May, 2020.   The Journal and Courier had previously reported that Michael Cope “drove from Rensselaer to Lafayette, allegedly intending to abduct a 15-year-old girl from her mother’s home on Elk Street according to a probable cause affidavit.”


Last May Cope was charged with possession of a firearm by a serious violent offender, two counts of carrying a handgun without a license and one count of theft.  Cope is scheduled to be released in May of 2020, a frightening scenario for some his alleged victims, which include several children and their mother who are in fear for their lives if that should happen.

The children, ranging in ages from four to fifteen, allege that Cope committed an array of sexual offenses against them over a period of several years.  They were allegedly threatened with death if they told anyone and only felt safe to speak up after Michael Cope was locked up.

The mother of the children says that Cope has yet to be charged with alleged crimes of rape, sodomy, and molestation of several of her children, including the 15-year-old girl that he was allegedly intending to abduct prior to his arrest.

“I have left several messages with Echo Harrington, [a victim advocate at the Tippecanoe County Prosecutor’s office], in the past several months, and have been meet with extreme rudeness,” stated the victim and mother of the alleged sex victims.  “If he [Cope] gets out he’s going to kill us,” stated the mom.  “I don’t think anyone understands that reality.”

The victim claims that Echo Harrington has told her repeatedly that she will pass messages on to the prosecutor; however, she has yet to hear back from anyone.  “She was incredibly rude and acted like I was an annoyance to her the last time I called to inquire about the case,” commented the mother of the children.  “Those messages aren’t going to save me and my children,” she sobbed.

“Echo told me that they have five years to file charges, but he is scheduled to be released from prison long before that, so that doesn’t do me or my children any good.”  Cope also has an appeal pending, and if successful he could be released prior to the anticipated prison date.

According to mom no one has spoken to her children beyond the Heartford House interview that occurred in July of 2017.  “Shouldn’t they be getting witness statements while it’s still fresh in our minds?” she asked.  “It’s been over six months and we have heard nothing.  That’s not acceptable.”

The mother stated that after Cope was in prison her fifteen-year-old daughter shared that he had been molesting her since she was seven years old.  The mother reported the allegations to the police and her daughter was interviewed by staff at the Heartford House with law enforcement present.  Several other siblings have since shared allegations of being raped, sodomized, and molested by Cope.

The victims continue to live in fear from the ordeal and hold a firm belief that Cope will make good on alleged threats to kill them.

WLFI Reporter Kayla Sullivan Called Out by Tippecanoe County Sherriff’s Department For Reporting Fake News

Kayla SullivanWLFI-TV 18 reporter Kayla Sullivan has been called out by the Tippecanoe County Sheriff’s Department for spreading fake news.  Sullivan, a TV-18 reporter who has a history of publishing negative stories about Tippecanoe County Sheriff Barry Richard, aired a news segment this week about officers being exposed to drugs within the jail.

Sullivan approached Fanesta Williams as she was walking along the street.  During the interview, Sullivan referred to Fanesta as a “DCS employee,” a claim that Angie Guimond, DCS Supervisor, later refuted.

During  her TV 18 interview, Fanesta stated, “I’ve had to take children on visits with their parents and I’ve seen inmates slipped all kinds of drugs during visits.  I’ve seen people walking around high off substances.”

Sullivan left viewers with the impression that Williams was referring to the Tippecanoe County Jail.  It turns out it wasn’t true at all, and Williams doesn’t even work for the Department of Child Services.

Chief Deputy Steve Hartman stated, “This morning, Sheriff Richard received an email from Angela Guimond, who is the Local Office Director for DCS.  Angela told us that Fanesta is not an employee of DCS and Fanesta’s ‘statements do not reflect the organization at all.'”

Hartman went on to report that Fanesta Williams’ comments were of great concern so they reached out to her for specific information about “inmates being slipped all kinds of drugs and inmates being high.”

Williams was interviewed by department officials and stated that her comments were related to “personal knowledge of an Illinois jail twenty years ago.”  She also stated that she informed  Sullivan during the interview that she was referring to Illinois, and not the Tippecanoe County jail.  [Go to the LCJ Facebook Page to watch the interview.]

“I think my words were taken out of context,” commented Williams during her interview with the deputy.  “And I have never been to any prison or jail in Indiana.”  Williams went on to say that she made it clear to Kayla Sullivan that she was referring to a jail in Illinois during the interview.

“Either Kayla didn’t do her due diligence, or she knowingly put out a fake news story intended to discredit the sheriff,” commented a concerned citizen who read the TCSD Press Release.

“It has become obvious to fair-minded people that Kayla has put Barry under a faulty microscope,” the citizen continued.  “It’s blatantly obvious that she’s out to get him on behalf of her political friends.  Barry Richard is wildly popular in this community, so her frustrations have likely caused her to become more dishonest and careless in her attempt to smear the sheriff.”

Barry RichardRecently Sullivan attempted to blame Sheriff Richard for an inmate escaping from a hospital after a judge ordered him released from the jail on his own recognizance.  Sheriff Richard had no control over the matter.  All sheriffs, past and present, have been faced with the same issue of hospitalized inmates failing to return to the jail upon release from institutions.

This week deputies were hospitalized after coming into contact with unknown substances at the Tippecanoe County Jail.  Sullivan was obviously attempting to lay the blame for drugs being smuggled into the jail on the sheriff; however, a former Tippecanoe County Sheriff recently stated that it happens in every jail, including the Tippecanoe County Jail, no matter how hard one tries to prevent it.

“It  happens all the time,” commented the former sheriff.  “They get real creative hiding drugs in various body cavities.”

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Kayla Sullivan Fake News